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Common Problems

I tend to work across a broad spectrum of psychological difficulty, tailoring treatment to meet the specific needs of each client. I usually use psychodynamic and cognitive behavioural (CBT) approaches to treatment.

Prospective adult clients present with a range of psychological problems including anxiety and depression, problems with sleeping and eating, trauma-related difficulties, anger management, relationship problems, or difficulties following a significant stress event, loss or bereavement.

Assessment and Treatment for Therapy

Generally we would start with an initial assessment, which would involve a discussion about your current symptoms, the history of your difficulties, as well as a review of your background history.

Once I have clarity about the nature of your problem, we would usually discuss how to proceed further in terms of various treatment options. In most cases treatment would usually entail meeting for a course of 6 - 24 weekly, 50 minute sessions. However, treatment may be shorter or longer, or more or less structured, depending on the nature of your problem. If I think that you would benefit from a referral to another practitioner, I will generally discuss this with you after the assessment.

Joelle McDonogh
Chartered Clinical Psychologist